White Mountain Herefords is located on Arizona’s high desert country. Our headquarters are on the Little Colorado River Plateau, just north of the small town of Springerville, nestled at the base of Arizona’s White Mountains.

We officially established in 1994, with the partial purchase of the mature cow-herd from our grandfather’s “Hooper Hereford Ranch”. Our name was taken from the well known “White Mountain Hereford Ranch”, which was the foundation herd originally purchased to begin our parent’s “Cinco Noches Ranch”. In 2006, with Grandpa Hooper’s declining health, we purchased most of the remaining cow herd. In 2011, Grandpa Hooper passed peacefully into eternity and we now carry on his tradition of raising and marketing quality Registered Hereford cattle, both Horned and Polled, from the Hooper Ranch headquarters in Springerville, Arizona.

Our Cattle

Our cattle are all range raised in large, dry-land gramma-grass, malapai rock pastures. They must maintain their fertility, soundness and milking ability all with little extra care just like our family’s commercial beef cows do. They continue to thrive and adapt to their harsh high desert environment and those who cannot prosper under these conditions are rigorously culled. Our Line-One based cow herd continues to produce bulls and heifers that work for our customers throughout the Southwest. The cows are moderately sized, adequately pigmented, good uddered cows that wean a calf every year. We have influenced our genetics with herd bull purchases from some of the top Northwest breeders in the country including Coyler Herefords, Holden Herefords and Hutchens Herefords. Recently we have also started using some AI sires from Sandhills Farms in Kansas and Upstream Herefords in Nebraska. After a short breeding season, we clean-up our cow herd with high caliber Registered Angus bulls and have a nice selection of black-baldy heifers for sale after weaning in the fall.

We welcome visitors to the ranch anytime. Our registered bull calves as well as the registered heifers and black-baldy heifers are available starting November 1st every year after weaning. Stop by, look at the calves and visit. We would love to meet you!